Are you aged 6-17 years old?

Do you have somebody important to you, who lives with a mental illness or addiction?

Well Support Zone is available to you in the Western Bay of Plenty.
We will help you learn about what mental illness or addiction is, and how it affects the person who is important to you. We will teach you useful coping strategies, so that when life gets hard, you can bounce back easier. And all this done in a fun and creative way.

How Support Zone works:

≈ Providing an opportunity for children, adolescents & youth to learn about what mental unwellness & addictions are & their affects
≈ Learning useful coping skills that will build resiliency to support them in their everyday lives & through the tough times
≈ Presents an opportunity for to children and youth to express themselves in a safe, supportive environment
≈ Education is achieved using fun, creative activities
≈ We encourage positive peer relationships with other young people who can understand your experiences, so you don’t feel alone.

We offer:

Individual support & group programs for young people.

Support Zone is tailored to the uniqueness of each family.

We can assist parents & whanau, by finding the right resources & information for your children.

And for professionals, if you have a family or client in your care & need information or resources, we can provide this, or point you in the right direction to meet your clients needs.


≈ Reduction of feelings of isolation through meeting others in similar situations
≈ To support the development of resilient children
≈ Reduction of negative effects & stresses through awareness & education
≈ Children who can express themselves